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elieunderground's Journal

I am aspiring to be a glamourbomber and a novelist.

I am otherkin. If you don't know what that is, it means (very short version) that I believe in past lives and that I was, at one point, a water nymph.

I am bisexual. My earlier posts have a more doubtful tone about that. I'm not really doubting it anymore.

I know what a real vampire is. If you don't, I definitely don't have time to explain it here, so I shall direct you to sphynxcatvp.nocturna.org. It has more information than I've found on any other website.

I am an empath. That doesn't mean psychic necessarily. More like it means I am annoyingly emotional about things that are happening to other people. Sometimes I feel like they are happening to me.

I don't consider myself better than you. I just explain myself using easier to define words because that makes me easier to explain. How do you explain yourself?